Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 26

Rehearsal Day: DeWitt, Iowa

All is well after this morning's severe weather. None of the corps equipment was damaged, although a few styrofoam bowls did blow away with the wind at breakfast. Today is another ensemble rehearsal day. The goal for this evening is to get all new members integrated in the drill for Everything in it's Right Place, Great Gig in the Sky, and On the Run. 


  • We welcomed John Simonyi to tour yesterday evening. He is our full time Tour Director for the summer and we are very excited to have him with us. His 8 years with the Boston Crusaders will provide valuable expertise this summer as we move down the road.  Welcome to the Red Team John! 

Today's Schedule

  7:00 AM - Wake/Eat
  8:00 AM - Stretch/Inside Block/Sectionals
  9:30 AM - Visual [Brass/Percussion @ Field 1, Guard @ Field 3]
12:15 PM - Lunch [Guard]
12:30 PM - Lunch [Brass/Percussion]
  1:15 PM - Sectionals [Guard @ Field 3]
  1:30 PM - Sectionals [Brass @ Field 1, Percussion @ Field 2]
  5:00 PM - Dinner [Brass/Percussion]
  5:15 PM - Dinner [Guard]
  6:00 PM - ReWarm [Brass/Percussion @ Field 1]
  6:15 PM - ReStretch [Guard @ Field 1]
  6:30 PM - Ensemble
  9:00 PM - AfterHours Block
10:00 PM - Snack
11:30 PM - Lights Out


A mix of clouds and gusty winds. Hot. High of 91F.
Winds SSW at 15 to 25 mph. 

What's Cookin' ?

Breakfast:  Biscuits & Gravy
                Mixed Fruit Cup

Lunch:       Bacon Cheeseburger
                French Fries

Dinner:      Colt Casserole

                Chicken Wings
                Mashed Potatoes


Gary Metzger - Head Cook
Ashley Wilson
Bill & Luba
Ross Sample
Anita Naprestek
Cathi/Mark Roberts 

Upcoming Dates 

  • Summer Premiere
    • June 19th, 7:00 PM
    • University of Dubuque

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