Sunday, July 23, 2006

Admiration from Holland

Finally I got to see you guys performing in San Antonio via the season pass on DCI
is the only thing what comes to my mind.
Goosebumps all over tears running out of my eyes are my first emotions.
Greg was writing that you were going fast. It is more like a high speed train coming towards you.
Those 2,5 minutes of streaming video impressed me so much, what a potential and challenging show. Hot Hot Hot, spicy and sizling stuff.
Cooks I can imagine the joy when they practice whole day long in front of our kitchen.
It makes me want to book the first flight and join in.
Hope you all can handle the heat down south, flipping burgers and pancackes.
Keep that red machine running
Olaf "Alf" Nahon

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Anonymous said...

I second that motion, Alf....It is so wonderful to be able to see portions of the show live and in person from you own home!!!!

Way to go Red Team...I know we are all disappointed that the move up to 12th didn't occur yesterday...but, keep on truckin...I have will happen!!!!!

Can't wait to be back in the cooktruck for one more round in less than two weeks...if any of you are out east in Allentown or a couple of days before..please stop by...we are going to be very short-handed in the cooktruck and would love to have some "guest cooks" arrive on the scene!

Go RED TEAM...get them in Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jody G.