Monday, July 17, 2006

Article about Hazo visit at

There's a nice article about the day composer Samuel Hazo spent with the Colts recently over at Click on this post's title to see the whole story.

My favorite quote: "This was as fine an arranging job of my music as I have ever heard. Plus, the group plays extremely well. It was a rejuvenating day for me."

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Anonymous said...

Sam Hazo was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. His story is an interesting one and his explanation of how he composed Ride is even better.....

Those of us in the cooktruck got to listen to the brass replay Ride at least 10 times...and it would take on a new life of its own each time thru. The changes were done on the fly and they made the song even better (and I thought it was great the first time!).

He is also a very inspirational speaker...we were so lucky to get him to be with us for the was a very GOOD day!!!!

Jody G.