Saturday, July 05, 2014

Day 44

Parade / Competition: Michigan City, Indiana 

A parade on the 5th of July? You bet! Each year when Michigan City hosts the "Pageant of Drums" DCI competition, all of the drum corps also participate in their 5th of July parade. The corps is staying at Michigan City High School (8466 West Pahs Road), a long time supporter and housing site of the Colts, Colt Cadets, and numerous other drum corps. 
The competition tonight should be a spectacular one, with performances from: Legends, Colt Cadets, Genesis, Colts, Troopers, Phantom Regiment, and the Cavaliers. Almost every memeber falls in love with the show; if not for the great stadium, for the Dairy Queen across the street....


  • Music on the March is only a few days away! Have your tickets yet? Be sure to order soon!
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Today's Schedule

  7:00 AM - Wake/Eat
  8:00 AM - Sectionals [Percussion @ Field 1, Guard @ Field 2, Brass @ Grass]
  8:45 AM - Shower/Prep
  9:30 AM - Load Busses
  9:45 AM - Depart
10:00 AM - Line up for Parade
11:00 AM - Parade Step Off
12:45 PM - Meal 2 [Sack Lunches]
  1:45 PM - Ensemble
  3:30 PM - Run Through
  3:55 PM - EPL
  5:40 PM - Depart
  6:10 PM - Warm Up
  8:10 PM - Gate
  8:26 PM - Performance
  9:10 PM - Meal 4
11:00 PM - Depart for Newman Central High School, 1101 23rd Street, Sterling, IL
  2:45 AM - Arrive 


Partly cloudy with temperatures slowly falling to near 70F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph.

What's Cookin' ?

Breakfast:          Egg Bake
                         Fresh Fruit

Lunch:               Sack Lunch
                         (Ham, Turkey, or Cheese Sandwich)
                         Fresh Fruit
                         Granola Bars/Fruit Snacks
Dinner:              Surprise Must-Goes
                         Mixed Veggies

Meal 4:             Spaghetti
                        Donated Cookies


Micki Metzger
Ed Eberling
Ted Clausing
Gayle Zahnle
Emmaly Burkland

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