Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 56

Competition: Round Rock, Texas

Following the longest drive of the season, as well as a little Texas shower (there is nothing little about anything in Texas), the corps had a very productive day preparing for tonight's show in Round Rock, Texas. The show as a whole is beginning to mature into one of the best productions in DCI this summer. The judges are taking notice, the crowds are loving it, and the members are pushing themselves to new levels. 


  •  The coooktruck is still in need of volunteers! Even if you can only stop in for a day, or even a few meals, a few extra hands on the truck always help. 
  • The corps will be having a free day in San Antonio this coming Sunday. More information coming soon. 
  • Following tonight's Drumline Battle, be sure to log on to and cast your vote for the Colts! Online voting is what determines the winner of a Drumline Battle! 

Today's Schedule 

   7:00 AM - Wake/Eat
   8:00 AM - Stretch 
   8:15 AM - Visual
 10:15 AM - Sectionals 
 12:15 PM - Snack at Truck
 12:35 PM - Ensemble 
   2:10 PM - Full Run
   2:35 PM - EPL
   4:20 PM - Depart for the Show
   5:35 PM - Warm Up
   7:36 PM - Gate
   7:51 PM - Perform
   8:25 PM - Snack
   9:50 PM - Drumline Battle (Colts v. Crossmen)
 10:30 PM - Depart 
   1:00 AM - Arrive at Natalia HS, 8th and Pearson St.,Natalia Texas 


Thunderstorms likely this afternoon into the early evening. 
High 93F. Winds NNE at 10 - 15 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

What's Cookin' ?

Breakfast:         Blueberry Pancakes  
                       Sausage Patty
                        Orange Juice 

Snack:             Fresh Fruit
                      Granola Bars
                      Fruit Snacks

Dinner:            Pasta w/ Meat Sauce 
                      Garlic Toast 

Meal 4:            Baked Potato Bar


Lisa Carson
Gary Metzger 
Carrie Taylor
Gayle Zahnle 
Vilia Bailey

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