Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day 51 - La Crosse Regional UPDATE

Regional: La Crosse, Wisconsin  

UPDATE: Step Off for all corps have been delayed by one hour. The show will begin at 6:00 PM

  Less than 30 days. The 2014 DCI Tour will be over in less than 30 days. The beginning of regional season, otherwise known as the national tour, is bittersweet. Even as the hornlines get louder, the batteries get cleaner, the shows get bigger, and the crowds get more enthusiastic, one cannot help but recognize that our time together is quietly disappearing. For most, this is the most exciting part of tour; the momentum created in the next 2 weeks will propel the drum corps through the season. Things will get interesting tonight in La Crosse; the corps will have a change to meet face to face with corps like Boston Crusaders and Spirit..two corps that the Colts haven't seen since the first few shows. 


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Today's Schedule

  7:00 AM - Wake/Eat/Pre Pack Snack
  8:00 AM - Stretch
  8:15 AM - Visual
  9:45 AM - Sectionals [Guard @ Field 1, Percussion @ Field 2, Brass @ Grass]
11:15 AM - Snack @ Field 
11:35 AM - Ensemble 
  1:35 PM - Full Run
  2:00 PM - EPL
  4:45 PM - Depart
  5:30 PM - Warm Up
  7:27 PM - Gate
  7:42 PM - Perform
  8:30 PM - Meal 4
  9:30 PM - Depart [DM stays behind]
  2:30 AM - Arrive at 1002 Cypress St, Wilton Iowa


A few scattered showers and thunderstorms. Cloudy with temperatures steady near 79F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.

What's Cookin' ?

Breakfast:                Waffles

Lunch:                      Ham/Turkey/Cheese Sandwhich
                                Snack Bars
                                Fresh Fruit 

Dinner:                     Noodle Salad with Ham/Chicken
                                Frozen Grapes
                                Busnacks (Bus-Snacks)

Meal 4:                     Ravioli


Micki Metzger
Ted Clausing
Cathy Spenceri
Jen Broghammer

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