Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 49

Rehearsal Day/Laundry: Kewanee, IL

Each summer, there are many communities whose hospitality truly goes above and beyond what we could have ever asked for. Although their drum corps, the Kewanee Knights, folded in 1995; the communities' care and support for the activity is as vibrant and lively as ever. It isn't a surprise to see a car full of young children climbing out the windows to get a closer look at the drum line rehearsal, or neighbors taking a seat in the stands to view the brass rehearsal in the stadium; a familiar reminder of the same sounds that resonated through the same neighborhoods years ago. Along with invitations for free movie passes at the local theater, fresh ice from local restaurants across the street, and a front page article in the Star Courier, everyone in Kewanee is going out of their way to insure we have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. So to everyone, especially the staff here at Wethersfield High School, we thank you for your support and hospitality. You have truly made us feel at home here; this is a place we will not soon forget. 

Tomorrow we will host a community performance at 7:30 PM at Wethersfield High School. 


  • We apologize for the lack of a post yesterday! Sometimes internet is inaccessible; however the problem has been fixed for the time being! We appreciate your patience.  
  • Community Perfomance
    • 7:30 PM, Wethersfield High School 

Today's Schedule

  7:30 AM - Wake/Eat
  8:30 AM - Sectionals [Guard @ F1, Percussion @ Field 2, Brass @ Laundry]
12:15 PM - Lunch [Brass/Percussion], Guard to Laundry [Sack Lunch]
  1:15 PM - Visual [Brass @ Field 1, Percussion @ Field 2]
  5:00 PM - Dinner [Brass/Guard], Percussion to Laundry [Sack Dinner]
  6:00 PM - Sectionals [Guard @ Field 1, Brass @ Field 2]
  8:00 PM - Sectionals [Brass @ Field 1, Guard @ Field 2]
10:00 PM - Snack
11:00 PM - Lights Out 


Partly cloudy. High 78F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

What's Cookin' ?

Breakfast:             Breakfast Burrito
                            Fresh Orange/Banana

Lunch/Dinner:       Micki's Marvelous Mexican Meal 
                            (Taco Meat, Toppings, Chips, Etc)


                            Sack Lunch (Ham/Turkey/Cheese) Sandwich
                            Fresh Fruit
                            Granola Bars/Fruit Snacks

Meal 4:                Pretzel w/ Cheese
                            Blueberry Parfaits WITH toppings! 


Micki Metzger
Ted Clausing 
Cathy Spenceri
Jen Broghammer 

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