Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rehearsal Day; De Witt, IA

Checkout today's weather HERE.
Current housing is: Central High School, 519 E 11th Street, De Witt, IA 52742

  • A community run through, including the Colt Cadets, will be held tomorrow at 6:00 PM.  Arrive a little early so you don't miss either performance.  Ensemble will continue after the run through.
  • The Colts and Colt Cadets' Summer Premiere is 7:00 PM Friday at the University of Dubuque's Chalmers Field.
  • Thanks to everyone that has responded to volunteer on the Cooktruck next week.  It is greatly appreciated.
  • The updated 2016 Cook's Calendar is posted under Important Links on the right. We have good coverage on tour until we leave San Antonio on July 24.  We are very short for the weeks of July 24 and July 31.  The tour leaves San Antonio and travels to Atlanta on July 30, and then on to Allentown, PA on 8/5.  Contact Bill via email( or phone (651-470-3553) to help on the Cooktruck or if you have any questions.
  • If you are interested in making a food donation to the Corps, fresh fruit and vegetables are a great choice.  Besides being a healthy choice, they provide much needed nutrients for how hard the 150 members are working.
  • Mail Drop address for today through July 14:
    General Delivery
    Hold for Colts Drum & Bugle Corps
    (Member Name)
    P.O. Box 515
    Dubuque, IA 52004-0515

    Mail will be delivered from the Colts office to the Corps throughout Cornfield Tour, and then on June 25, July 3, July 11 and July 14.

Today's Schedule
8:00 AM - Wake/Eat
9:00 AM - Stretch
                NO RAIN-Brass & Percussion field 2, Guard field 4
                RAIN-Percussion far gym, Brass main gym, Guard aux gym 
9:30 AM - Visual OR Sectionals
1:00 PM - Meal 2
2:00 PM - Sectionals OR Visual 
               Brass on field 2, Percussion on field 3, Guard on field 4 OR
               Brass & Percussion on field 2, Guard on field 4
4:30 PM - Music Ensemble
5:30 PM - Meal 3
6:30 PM - Ensemble (Stadium OR Field 2)
9:00 PM - Transition
9:30 PM - Visual 
10:30 PM - Meal 4
11:30 PM - Member Meeting
12:00 AM - Lights Out!

What's being served?
All meals also have peanut butter, jelly and condiments.

Meal 1
Scrambled Eggs with Cheese
Hash Brown Patty

Meal 2
Turkey or Ham Ranch Club Wrap
French Fries

Meal 3
Salsa Chicken and Rice
Mixed Vegetable

Meal 4
Pizza Burgers
Must Goes

DCI's Best Volunteers
Jon Rech
Susan Casey
Marty Casey
Aidon Connolly
Susan Adams
Cathi Roberts
Beth Dorrance

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