Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Rehearsal Day; Dubuque, IA

Checkout today's weather HERE.
Current housing is: Loras College, 1450 Alta Vista Street, Dubuque, IA

  • Sorry for the delay in getting the Cooktruck started.  Our objective is to provide an update each day of tour.  That said, we are volunteers and have jobs, and lives, besides the Virtual Cooktruck so we might not always be totally successful.
  • "Cornfield Tour" is under way.  DCI has been calling this "spring training".  Not sure - but I thought that was back in February and took place in Florida/Arizona.
    It's been suggested "Cornfield Tour" sounds "corny" (sorry) and doesn't sound inviting to non-Midwest prospective members.  What do you think about changing the name?
  • We are short of volunteers this week.  Contact Bill via email( or phone (651-470-3553).
  • Mail Drop address for today through July 14:
    General Delivery
    Hold for Colts Drum & Bugle Corps
    (Member Name)
    P.O. Box 515
    Dubuque, IA 52004-0515

    Mail will be delivered from the Colts office to the corps throughout Cornfield Tour, and then on June 25, July 3, July 11 and July 14.

Today's Schedule - times and activities are approximate
7:30AM - Wake/Meal 1
8:30AM - Brass & percussion stretch in stadium; guard leave for remote field
9:00 AM - Sectionals - brass in field #2 & percussion in stadium
12:30 PM - Meal 2 Brass & percussion; lunch brought to field for guard
1:30 PM - Brass & percussion visual in stadium
5:00 PM - Meal 3 Brass & percussion; guard depart for Loras
5:30 PM - Meal 3 Guard
6:00 PM - Brass & percussion visual field #2
6:30 PM - Guard sectional in Graber
9:00 PM - After hours block in Graber
10:00 PM - Meal 4
11:30 PM - Lights out

What's being served?
All meals also have peanut butter, jelly and condiments.
Meal 1
Pancakes/Sausage on a Stick
Yogurt Parfaits

Meal 2
Tater Tots

Meal 3
Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Meal 4
Loaded Nachos

DCI's Best Volunteers
Ted Clausing

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