Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dear Colts family

Watching from the sideline being able to be with you at anytime you like is an incredible luxurious way to stay connected through the electronic freeway called the internet.
On that freeway there is one great truck rollin' on througout the year

"Colts virtual Cooktruck"

Thanks to the drivers/head cooks Rod, Bill and David "thats my boys" Speer.
I am already saving for next years ticket to hop on as a virtual Colts cook and hopefully in real time during the season.

Saving the argument for DCP I can only underline David that this years Colts brought something special which deserved more.

On DCI seasonpass I could finally see the complete show for the first time.
(can you imagine the aggony having to wait a whole season!?!)
From 11.30 - 06.00 A.M. Real time in Camp Randell with you guys,
wanting to chear and shout throughout the show, but having to stay quiet not to wake up the whole neighbourhood. The stress when my PC blocks during Crossmen' show, reboot to be just in time for the show I've been waiting for ..... not good for my health.
Goosebumps pulling my hairs straight up all over is the closest description I can give of what I experianced those15 minutes seeing my Colts performing their show of a lifetime.
One of the two times I cried my eyes out that night.
(that moment and the performance of the Scouts Alumni sentimental show which took me way back to the days I marched in the eighties)
It must have been special to witness it life in the stadium, now I have to wait again until the DVD is ready to get a small idea of how it must have been.

Colts family
Greg, Vicky, Jeff, Jake, staff, members, parents, volunteers, drivers, Frank Bob and grandma,
head cooks (Jody G especialy for running a cooktruck with only 2 people in the heat of the season), cooks,
I want to finish the season with a big


Olaf "Alf" Nahon

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