Monday, August 21, 2006

Fan mail

As some of you may remember from earlier this summer, a "rookie cook" from a Div. III corps had found the Colts Virtual Cooktruck and was reading up on the care and feeding of a drum corps. Greg looked her up at the homeshow in Dubuque to say hi, and she sent him the following fan mail. Seems like our cooks' hard work is benefitting not only our kids, but kids across the activity.

An excerpt from her email to Greg:

"Thanks so much for taking the time to track me down and talk with me at your show in Iowa. That gesture really made me feel special.

It turned out that I didn't too bad for a rookie cook… many staff and long-time members of Impulse praised my efforts, and said that they have never eaten so well while on tour. I'm thankful to have been allowed access to your virtual cook truck, Greg. It really alleviated a lot of my stress and gave me some great insight towards menu planning. Thanks again, that's a great thing you've got going!"

Thanks, Sheri. Come by the real Colts cooktruck next summer and say hi!

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