Saturday, August 12, 2006

Today is Saturday, Aug. 12; it's finals day

We are in Madison, Wisconsin

No picture today. I give them one day a year that's it's safe to be a Colt and not get your photo taken by me. Today's the day.

Weather report and forecast for Madison

Click for Google map of Madison. With Google maps you can zoom in and out on a location. Click and hold on the map to drag the map in the window.

Today's Schedule
10 Wake and breakfast
11 Organizing meeting for clean/pack/load
11:15 Begin check-in process
1:15 Everything out of the school. Final cleaning in empty school.
1:30 Lunch
2:30 Section meetings
3:15 Full organization meeting in cafeteria. EVERYONE!
4 Depart

Egg bake -- steak or ham
Bagels and cream cheese
Potato cakes
Fresh fruit
Leftover pancakes

Mystery lunch (with chicken not pork)(Hey, I DON'T make this stuff up)
Texas toast

Today's Cooks
Jody G, head cook
Jody S.

Today's News
Ask me sometime about why there are no field shots from the age-out ceremony in Madison. Better yet, ask Greg Orwoll. He tells the story better.

Donations of grapes from Val A. and foot powder from Milton High.

If there are typos today, blame me. I'm still bleery this morning.

Olaf called from Holland yesterday as we were getting ready to leave for the stadium. He so wanted to be with us. Thanks, big guy. It was great to talk to you. Keep lovin' our Colts.

Lots and lots of people showed up for some very moving age-out speeches yesterday afternoon. I was afraid for a while that the Colts had once again left their best performance of the year on the practice field with their run-through yesterday afternoon. But they topped it in Camp Randall last night. Sorry, but the DCI judges JUST DON'T GET IT. They missed this one. It will be talked about for years as the best performance that didn't make finals.

I'll have a lot of thank you messages to post over the next few days. The most thanks have to go out to the people who agreed to be head cooks this year -- from cornfield to finals we had the best food in drum corps. Y'all realize that many, many of the head cooks don't have sons or daughters currently marching in the corps, don't you? We even had one head cook whose daughter was marching in another corps this year. Think about that. We will need some of you current Colts parents to step up and get on the cook list next year, including some new head cooks. Start thinking about it now.

But I really wanted to do was take a little time to personally thank the people that help me keep this thing running all summer. My "staff" at the Virtual Cooktruck -- Rod, Bill, my own darling Jody, Jody G., Olaf, and lots of others. (It occurs to me that Jim J. needs to be added to the staff listing at the right. He does his share here too.) All the people who called me in reports -- I know I'll leave someone out if I try to list them from memory -- thanks for talking to my voicemail when I was tied up at work. Thanks for remembering who to call where on which day. Thanks for all the great picture submissions this year. There are a lot more to come. Thanks for all of you who left comments and the 102,607 people who had visited the site through Friday. I think we might have to get together and do this again next year.

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information.

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Anonymous said...

David - You do so many thank yous, but the biggest one should go to you. The first year my son marched, we didn't have the VCT to tune into every day. It makes such a difference to be able to stay connected with the corps through all the peaks and valleys of tour. I cannot imagine the time you give to help us all stay connected. YOU ARE APPRECIATED and THANK YOU!

I second your comments about the performance yesterday. It was the best, and we were all so proud to be part of the Colts' family! What else can you say?

Hope everyone enjoyed visiting Wisconsin~ We're glad you were here!

Bev M.