Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ongelofelijk (Dutch for unbelievable)

It is 1.30 AM in the morning in Holland, but I had to sit this one out before I go to sleep.
I have to be with my family, although it is only a long distance connection.

Intensity jumping of my screen watching you guys perform, despite I only received 1 picture per 15 seconds on DCI webcam. The quality of the videostream ain't the same as previous, but I could hear and see you guys doing a performance of a lifetime. And you still have another shot in semies to put even the last bits out of your toes on the field.
I can't tell how I feel having to sit out this year, not being able to help out in the kitchen and working for such a great Colts team. It must be a memorable season and still more memories to create.
Guard, you look fabulous.
What a teamwork putting such a glamour and appearance all over the field. Even on a webcam it jumps into the eye.

What an incredible job you all did this season, I am really proud of my family!!

For semi finals I can only say:
"Enjoy yourself as much as you can out there" "It will be an one and only lifetime experience"
and you'll take that with you during your life, it is all yours"

Put everything you've got into it, go for it,
you've nothing to loose
go and kick some ...

Olaf "Alf" Nahon

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