Friday, August 11, 2006

Today is Friday, Aug. 11; it's semifinals day

We are in Madison, Wisconsin

Photo by David S.
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Weather report and forecast for Madison

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Today's Schedule
6:50 Wake
7 Stretch
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 Rehearsal
12 Runthrough
1:15 Lunch/shower/dress
2:45 Depart
3:45 Warmup
5:15 Gate
5:38 Performance
7 Dinner at truck
Ageouts to be in uniform (no hats) in sections B & H in stadium by the time the last corps goes on (9:45 p.m.)
11:30 Meet on Monroe Street (where truck was Thursday)
12 Depart for Milton
PB&J snack on arrival

Chocolate chip or orange-cranberry muffins
Hash brown patties


Meatball subs
Tater tots
Lemon cake

At the truck at the stadium
Ham or turkey and cheese sandwiches
Granola bars

Second snack

Today's Cooks
Jody G, head cook
Jody S.
and lots of Colt Cadet parents

Today's News
Happy Birthday Dan the Brit!
Happy Birthday Luba

Well, the quarterfinals didn't quite go the way most of us had hoped. A few problems here and there but also some incredible performances. We'll get 'em tonight. Wait and see.

Kids were upbeat in the breakfast line this morning after cals. Sectionals, then runthrough, then age-out speeches. Some tears I'm sure -- me included.

Sure signs of the end of tour: signup sheets for who's going where after finals. Rides to airports. Rides to Dubuque. Rides home.

Lots of food being prepared today. Lots and lots of baking. Sandwich assembly lines set up in the parking lot. Nothing mellow and "end of tour-like" for the cooks today. But lots of laughs.

Posted at the cooktruck: Mellos please see Hannah ASAP. Thanks.

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information.

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Anonymous said...

What a performance tonight and what a job well done this year. I don't care what the green shirts say, you guys were the deal and a surefire Saturday nighter in my eyes, as misty as they are. Being able to watch you online and in person was such a rush, especially given your amazing program. You can all take sollace in the fact that the '06 Colts will be remembered as arguably the greatest Colts corps to ever hit the field. You are ALL amazing.

~Bill A