Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Today is Wednesday, Aug. 2; it's the Washington D.C. free day

We are in Washington D.C.

This is Sam Hazo, composer of "Ride", showing the corps how to do it in Natalia, Texas. A couple more are below. Photos by David S.

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Weather report and forecast for Washington D.C.

Click for Google map of D.C.. With Google maps you can zoom in and out on a location. Click and hold on the map to drag the map in the window.

Today's Menu
Cinnamon roll

Hoagie sandwich
Pasta salad
Watermelon or orange
Leftover desserts

Make your own bag dinner or dinner on your own in D.C.

Today's Schedule
7:30 Wake and breakfast
8:30 Sectionals
10:50 Lunch and bag dinner fixings/pack/clean/load
Noon Depart for D.C.
1:30 Arrive D.C.
9:30 Depart for Perkasie, PA

Today's Cooks
Shari, head cook

Today's News
John and Suzie drive.

It's hot. The cooks are super busy trying to get everything done in a very short time. Think good thoughts.

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information.


Anonymous said... are my good thoughts...there...I hope you got them!

I will be getting on tour tomorrow in Philadelphia to help out (if NWA airlines cooperates)...that makes four...we can do it...just like the little red engine that could....

So...Colts....have a great free day - stay cool - it is well earned time away from the heat!!!!

Remember - if you are coming by in the next week...please bring fruit, cookies or just your bright smiling faces.....we will gladly accept all.

The Naperville parents are bringing us pies again on Sunday...we can't wait!!!

Go Red Team...Jody Glowaski

Anonymous said...

David, once again those are great pictures of Sam. What a great day that was for the entire corps. Sam is truly passionate about what he does and believes strongly in the Colts! The pictures bring back wonderful memories!

"Nanny" Bev M.