Monday, June 18, 2007


Photo by David S.

New gallery from Menomonie. A link is in the right sidebar -- including photos from the show.

I've seen Equinox. Wow.


Jody G. said...

Double Wow.....I have seen the complete show twice and am still blown away. I hope you all get the feeling of the power of the show thru these pictures. On Saturday night (the first performance) many of the kids came off the field with tears streaming down their sweat ladden cheeks from pure happiness on how they performed!

It is a powerful show and they go thru so many emotions during it!

Thank you David for getting me thru a rough Tuesday morning...Jody G

L said...

Keep the pictures coming! I love to see all of the kids out there having the time of their lives! Looks like so much fun! I can't wait until my time on tour!!

Jim J. said...

FANTASTIC photos, as usual. Thanks for sharing them. I have some photos from Cornfield which I hope to send soon.