Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We get letters

Got a nice email a day or so ago and I thought I'd share:

I would like to thank the authors of the cooktruck blog for their daily entries. I am the mother of one of Colts members (from Ohio) and I read it every day. It makes me feel connected. The pictures are great! I look forward to trying to pick my member out of the crowd. I can't wait until July 7th when you are in Canton so I can finally get to see the show. I have read such great reviews about it. Have fun on the rest of your tour and I look forward to reading more.
Steven's Mom,
Beth MacAlpine

Thanks to Steven's mom for writing to the Virtual Cooktruck. I would just like to add my thanks to everyone on tour and at home who help me do this. I appreciate all the "staff" who contribute and cover for me when I'm busy -- Olaf, Bill, Jim J, Rod R -- and everyone who sends in pictures. But most of all I want to thank the head cooks and other cooks who take time out from their very, very busy days on the road to call in a report. I can do a lot of stuff in advance like the maps and the photos, but without those "real" updates, this thing would be nothing.


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