Thursday, June 21, 2007

Today is Thursday, June 21; it's a rehearsal and laundry day

We are in Saydel, IA

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Today's Menu

Cinnamon rolls
Fresh fruit

Meal 2
Fish sandwiches
Potato wedges

Meal 3
Pork fritters
Tater tots
Bread sticks
Sheri’s cookies

Meal 4 (w/ Colt Cadets)

Red team
Photo by David S.

Today's Schedule
8:45 a.m. Wake
9 Breakfast
10 Leave for laundry
3 p.m. Meal 2 (light)
3:45 Vis
4:45 Sectionals – guard at stadium
6:15 Meal 3
7:15 Warmup
7:35 Ensemble
9:25 Colts perform for Colt Cadets
9:45 Colt Cadets perform for Colts
10:15 Combined sectionals: guard on field, brass in Colts gym, percussion in Cadets gym
10:45 Snack with Colt Cadets
11:45 Colts meeting
12:15 Lights out

Today's Cooks
Jody S, head cook
Mark B.
Jill B.
Sheri S.
Cindy S.
Julie S. helps today

Today's News
Happy birthday, Matt A!

Notes found on the side of the cooktruck:
We miss you guys and can’t wait to see you 2 night & 2 morrow. Bryon K.
Joe F.,
We can’t wait to hear you. Jerry & Amy

Food drop today at 6:30 a.m. with breakfast at 9. It was all hands on deck for a while, but the crew had everything packed in the freezer and ready to go onto the equipment truck by 9 a.m.

OK, so maybe it’s just a homing instinct. Or good karma. I (David) drove to Omaha last night to see the performance. As I’m pulling off I-80, I’m thinking, “I hope this is the right exit.” I roll up to the intersection – right behind the kitchen truck and the equipment truck. I just fell in line and followed Bob and Frank to the show site. Parked in the lot right next to them.

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information.


Lisa said...

Thanks to all who made my week on the cook truck fly by! I had a wonderful time getting to know the kids better and learning how to prepare new meals from Jody G and Jody S! Every day was different, exciting and there was never a lack of things to do! I even set a new PR for getting up, moving and getting packed! Yes - you actually do get some sleep!!

If you have never worked the cook truck or have not yet signed up, I highly recommend you take time out of your schedule to help cook for 180 of the greatest people on earth!! This has been one of the most emotional rewarding weeks of my life, and I cannot wait to return at the end of July. I consider myself a "C" cook at home, however; I can sure wash dishes with the best or crawl around in the freezer to find boxes of this or that! Even if you too are not a great cook, all you have to do is follow directions to stir this, mix that, or keep the juice and water jugs full!! There are still opportunities for you to also share this experience and I can guarantee that you will have a wonderful, rewarding time.

The Colts are one of the most hardworking, dedicated groups I have ever known in my life. This is one class act organization and all of our kids are in GREAT hands!!! The staff is pushing the kids to become even better, but always operating in a positive manner. It has been my pleasure and honor to be one of the "Country Club Colts Cooks"!!

Rod said...

David, that picture is fantastic...

Anonymous said...

As always your pictures are amazing........

Yahoo!!!I get to see the Colts in action in 2 days.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have been on tour so far this season. The Colts couldn't do it with out you.
To those who are scheduled to help later be prepared to have a great time.