Sunday, June 24, 2007

Today is Sunday, June 24; it's a competition day

We are in Belding, MI

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Today's Menu

Bacon or sausage
Coffee cake or homemade banana bread
Banana or nectarine or apple

Meal 2
Submarine sandwich
Potato wedges
Carrots and cucumbers
l/o cole slaw or pasta salad

Meal 3
Chicken ala King over biscuit
Fruit salad
Chocolate chip cookies

Photo by David S.

Today's Schedule
10:00 Wake
10:15 Stretch
10:45 BIG breakfast
11:45 Sectionals
1:15 Ensemble
3:15 Lunch, pack, load
5:00 Depart
6:00 Warm-up
8:05 Gate
8:23 Performance
9:00 Snack
10:30 Depart

Today's Cooks
Lori C, head cook
Terry L.
Karen R.
Carol B.
Suzie - visiting for the day

Today's News

Roger D. is the volunteer driver this week.

Colts had an "awesome" show last night, receiving the biggest standing ovation of all the corps. They travelled well and arrived in Belding one hour early, in spite of construction and stand-still traffic in Chicago. There was also a 2:30 am stop at a Gary truck stop which had "lots of traffic" and must have been interesting, although no other details were shared.

The early arrival meant that the members got an extra hour of sleep and the cooks even got to lay down for a while.

The corps has received lots of donations including fruit, homemade banana bread, rolls, buns, and too many things to keep track of! Thanks to all who have donated. The contributions are wonderful, and the kitchen staff says "keep it coming."

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information.

1 comment :

Rod said...

Last night was the first time I have been able to see the corps since the May camp, all I can say is "Oh my....". They looked and sounded absolutely amazing - 'gave me goodbumps.

As for the ovation, I would certainly agree. At first I thought it was pretty much just the Colts fans sitting around me, but as I looked across the stands, a large majority of the crowd was on their feet clapping, from the last note of the closer until the last member of the corp passed in front of us. A lot of clapping for a long time. It was very cool and well-deserved.

The only sad part of the evening was that I had to go home, and could not have my son toss my bag in a bus bay, and get on the van to join the cook crew. Life stinks that way, sometimes...