Sunday, June 03, 2007

Today is Sunday, June 3; it's a cornfield tour day

We are in Delhi, Iowa.

Click here for weather report and forecast for Delhi, Iowa

Today's Menu

Butt chops
French fries

Bread sticks

Meal 4
Pretzels with cheese

May camp movement
Photo by David S.

Today's Schedule
7:45 a.m. Wake
8 Stretch
8:30 Breakfast
9:30 Vis
1:05 p.m. Rehearsal ends
1:15 Lunch
Rest until
3:15 Sectionals
6:50 Rehearsal ends
7 Dinner
8 Warmup
8:30 Ensemble
10:30 Rehearsal ends
10:45 Meal 4
11:45 Lights out

Today's Cooks
Penny and Barry, co-head cooks
Cindy S.
Judy H.
Tom T., Jim H., and Connie C. leaving today
Arriving today are Jim J. and John B.
Erin W. in as a guest cook

Today's News
Lauren and Sue are sewing today. More uniforms to be fit....
It rained yesterday and was chilly last night. Penny said there was a "downpour" about noon. "It was nice as far as the crops go but we think it sucks."

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information.


Anonymous said...

Oooh...Butt Chops!!!! Best meal EVER! :) -Britt

Erin said...

To all the cooks on the cook truck -

I came to drop off frozen fruit bars for the guard and stayed for 2 days....Although I have been out of the Colts loop for a full year it still stuns me how amazing the Colts Cooks are. You cook four meals for 160 people and manage to know each of their names, eating habits and how their day is going by seeing their faces. You are not just the people that feed them meals every day. You are their pharmacy (ice and meds to wonders), the "crazy old people" telling jokes they will never fully understand and their foster moms and dads who give them the comfort in knowing that someone believes in them when they don't believe in themselves. You, Colts cooks, are definitely the best people in this activity. I am so glad that I got to experience the Colts from a different perspective...even if it was only for a couple of days. Now I know why my Mom came back year after year in the heat of the summer to cook...because of you.