Friday, June 29, 2007

Today is Friday, June 29; it's a competition day

We are in Normal, IL

Click for weather report and forecast for Normal


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Today's Menu

Orange-cranberry muffins
Sausage patty
Fresh fruit

Meal 2
Corn dogs
Apple wedges

Meal 3
Fish sandwiches
Potato wedges

Meal 4 (with Colt Cadets)
Bread sticks

Photo by David S.

Today's Schedule
8:15 Wake
8:30 Stretch
9 Breakfast
9:45 Staff meeting
10 Warmup
10:15 Full ensemble
12-12:30 Brass snack
12:15-12:45 Percussion snack
12:30-1 Guard snack
1 Ensemble
3 Lunch/pack/load
4:40 Depart for show site
5:40 Warmup
7:21 Check-in
7:31 Gate
7:46 Preset
7:51 Performance
8:30 Dinner
10:30 Depart for Dubuque

Today's Cooks
Lori C, head cook
Terry L.
Karen R.
Patty T.
Penny D. arrives today to sew

Today's News
Karen R. called in the report today and said it was a beautiful, sunny day. They were hoping for a high temperature of about 75 this afternoon.

Thanks go out to everyone who brought donations to Oswego yesterday. There were tons and tons of fruit brought in for the corps and other goodies too. Keep them coming!

Karen said a bird had just flown in the cooktruck and everyone was trying to get it out. “We’re just having fun,” she said.

Thanks to Roger D. for driving this week.

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information.


Anonymous said...

I'm at home today packing and getting ready to be on tour for another week with these great kids. Can't wait to see their show again and how it must have changed since Ankeny. Also looking forward to being with another great kitchen crew. It's always such a good time. I just want to say too that I can't thank you enough for all your generous donations. As a volunteer (sometimes head cook) every item we receive makes that meal perhaps a little bigger or tastier AND helps the Colts pocketbook too. Keep them coming....Luba

Anonymous said...

Great show last night in Normal!!! Way to jump GMen. Keep it strong!

Jim J. said...

Barry and I got to see the corps in Normal. It was a good show and all the members we spoke with felt very good about their performance. Colt Cadets were awesome, as well. It's difficult to believe how much that corps as grown and improved in recent years. We even got to see the Colt's "new" (larger) bus... the wave of the future? The cooks seemed to be surviving well. It was great to see everyone again, including Olaf, former Colts, former staff, board members, corps friends, parents, drivers, members, and volunteers. I can't wait to hit the road later this month!